Living Pterosaurs and 10-Year Anniversaries

By living-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb

In the first half of the year 2017 the Ptp photograph, with apparent Civil War soldiers standing over an apparent recently shot-down Pteranodon, dominated news in the living-pterosaur investigations. We now look at ten-year anniversaries.

Ropen Sighting Near University of California at Irvine

In the summer of 2007, a man was driving northwest on Campus Road, from the direction of the state university in Irvine, when he saw a gigantic flying creature pass in front of his car, at low elevation. As it flew over the road, he could see that the total length of the featherless animal was close to the width of the road, in other words about 30 feet.

A year later, he phoned me to report the sighting. I’ve agreed to keep him anonymous, but I can say that he appears highly credible to me. Why would he lie? He works in a profession that requires a high degree of credibility (a medical doctor or an attorney, I’ll not say any more because I need to protect his anonymity).

More than once, I’ve phoned him at his work, verifying that the one who reported to me the huge ropen in Orange County is the professional man himself, not someone impersonating him. One year after the sighting, he would not consider going with me into the wildlife sanctuary into which that creature had been flying.

Near where ropen sighting took place in 2007

A long-tailed pterosaur flew over the road

Skeptics may dismiss this report of a giant pterodactyl flying over a street in Orange, California, but what was it? The most outspoken critic in the world, regarding accounts of living pterosaurs, Glen Kuban, mentions this report: He refers to birds that hold their legs out while flying, mentioning a heron. Yet the largest one in the USA, the Great blue heron, has a total length of less than five feet. The eyewitness in Orange County told me that the creature he saw was as long as the road is wide. I walked across that road myself, in 2008: It is close to thirty feet wide. That flying creature observed in 2007 was no heron.

“Pteranodon” Sighting in Central California in 2007

Here’s a bit about the pterosaur sighting by Scott Norman, taken from my nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition):

Chad Arment reports that Scott said, “[I was] very skeptical and didn’t think we would see anything. . . I stayed up till 4:00 a.m. Here’s the kicker, the skeptic, between 1:30-2:30 a.m., has a sighting! . . . I was sitting in a chair, sideways towards the shed, looking up at the starry skies, when this animal came gliding just over the shed and into the field . . .”

The creature’s wingspan was roughly nine feet. Scott described the wings: bat-like, because of a “wavy” appearance. He felt that the body could have been over five feet long, with the neck at least a foot long, and the head about four feet. The head crest was about two feet long; it reminded him of that of a pteranodon . . . (Others verified Scott reported similar details.)

This is the ten year anniversary of the sighting by the late Scott Norman.

Scott T. Norman - cryptozoologist and explorer (March 15, 1964 - February 29, 2008)

Eyewitness Scott Norman



Pterosaur Sightings in Southern California

  • Lakewood (2012)
  • Los Angeles (2013)
  • San Diego (2011)
  • Pico Rivera (2006)
  • Long Beach
  • Altadena (about 1968)
  • Irvine (2007)
  • Sherman Oaks (2009)


Pterosaur Photo – Civil War

Two old-looking photographs are often confused, both appearing to have several Civil War soldiers standing over something lying on the ground. The one on the left is the older genuine photo . . . “Ptp.” It has been verified by the missile defense physicist Clifford Paiva and cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb to have an image of an actual modern pterosaur, maybe related to the Pteranodon.


Civil War Pteranodon Photograph Ptp

I do not proclaim that the animal in the Ptp photograph must have been a species of Pteranodon very similar to what has been already discovered, in pterosaur fossils, before 2017.


Ropen in a Wildlife Sanctuary in Orange County

We might doubt that size of a ropen in Orange County (I believe it), for the estimated size is astonishing. But similar creatures, huge flying creatures, have been reported flying over San Diego and near San Diego. . . . apparent Rhamphorhynchoids . . .


Pteranodon Sighting in California

This coming July will be the ten-year anniversary of Scott Norman’s sighting of an apparent nocturnal Pteranodon in California. Scott passed away, half a year later, from natural causes, yet the large sizes of apparent extant pterosaurs, reported by some eyewitnesses in North America, may be connected to some of the more mysterious missing-persons cases that have never been solved.




cryptozoology book, nonfiction, "Modern Pterosaurs"

The truth about what two scientists have discovered in this old photo of a pterosaur

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