Non-Extinct Pterosaurs in Los Angeles

Three “dragons” were reported to have flown over the I-5 Freeway in Los Angeles, at 6:10 a.m., Sunday, March 3, 2013, just east of Griffith Park. Ten weeks later, another eyewitness reported a “pterosaur” flying over that same freeway but about a mile and a half to the south, just southeast of Griffith Park. Both sightings were very near the Los Angeles River channel, significant in that most sightings in Southern California are near storm channels or river/stream beds.

In the first sighting, three creatures were seen to have long tails with a structure at the tail end; no head crest was visible, probably because of a poor viewing angle for such. In the second sighting, one creature was seen with a head crest; no tail was noticed, probably because the eyewitness was concentrating on the head.

These two sightings have notable similarities and differences. The following are for the March 3rd sighting (#1) and the May 13th sighting (#2), both in 2013 by drivers on the northbound I-5:

Neck of flying creature(s)

  1. “a distinct neck between body and head”
  2. “I believe the neck was of medium length”

General Coloring

  1. “light in color – white, gray or light green”
  2. “membranous charcoal gray/teal undertone skin”

Time of Day of the Sightings

  1. 6:10 a.m.
  2. 4:00 p.m.

Is a Bird-Misidentification Possible?

  1. “a head:body:tail ratio that was certainly not that of a bird”
  2. “I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind.”


trees, bushes, and grass in the Los Angeles River, just east of Griffith Park - here three "dragons" were observed in 2013

Los Angeles River, near where three “dragons” were reported flying early in 2013

These sightings near Griffith Park and near the Los Angeles River, in daylight, may be related to two sighting in the San Fernando Valley a few years ago, both at night. For sightings in Los Angeles County, we have reports from Lakewood, Altadena, and more than one that were southwest of Whittier.



Dragons Around Griffith Park in Los Angeles

I’ve received many emails, over the past nine years, regarding apparent pterosaurs in Southern California. This deserves a brief overview, before we consider those sightings that surround that huge city park: Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

Recent Pterosaur Sightings Near Griffith Park, Los Angeles

The most recent California pterosaur sighting report that I have received is from a flyover of Interstate-5, on May 13, 2013, just southeast of Griffith Park. It was south of Los Feliz (at the I-5), in Los Angeles, just a mile and a half south of where another eyewitness observed three “dragons” flying over the same freeway, two months earlier.

Dragons of Los Angeles

. . . I interviewed her by phone three days after the sighting. She admitted to me that she did not have time to determine if the three “dragons” had no feathers, for they fly over her car while she was driving on a freeway. Her first impression was that they were large and not birds, assuming it was some kind of stunt, perhaps with kites. She realized they were not kites when she saw their tails move.


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