Sighting of two Pterosaurs in Central Kentucky

This past Thursday I was delighted to find an email from a man who had a pterosaur sighting in a rural area of Kentucky. I quote part of what he reported to me:

I just found your site and thought I’d share a story with someone who actually might take me seriously for once. I live in Lamero, Kentucky [central part of state]. Its a small, rural area located along the Daniel Boone National Forest. I have a friend who lives . . . about twelve miles north of me. Its a wooded area as well, with a small fishing lake nearby as well as several caves. And I’m talking a lot of caves . . . a spelunker’s paradise.

Last July, I was visiting my friend at his home [near Renfro Valley, Kentucky]. It was just a little after sunset, so it was still daylight outside. The weather was nice, so we were outside . . . watching aircraft flying by. This is something we do all the time, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of a ufo, or anything out of the ordinary. Well, we got our wish that evening.

Brandon, my friend, shouted behind me,”What . . . is that?” Approaching us from the east and flying westward were two very large animals. [They flapped their wings] about once every second or two . . . They appeared to be a brownish color and had every characteristic of a pterodactyl, from head to tail. . . . they were roughly 15+ feet long . . . flying at least 40 mph . . .

I had another witness right there and we both agreed that the best word we could use to describe what we saw was Pterodactyl. Naturally, everyone around . . . thinks we are just trying to pull their leg . . . I really really wish that I could have gotten to a camera, but there just wasn’t enough time.


Rock formation in Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky

Red River Gorge Geological Area in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky


From the book Live Pterosaurs in America (3rd ed)

[From an eyewitness in Bowling Green, Kentucky] “Today I opened my back door around 4:30 p.m. . . . and I noticed a large bird in the sky flying above me. I thought it seemed strange because I [saw] a tail with a spade-like end; also the wingspan was a lot larger than any bird I have ever seen around here. The wings did not flutter rapidly: Each wing stroke was steady and powerful. . . .

“I thought about running in to grab my camera but I knew that by the way it was flying that it would have been gone before I got back, so I watched in awe as this bird streaked [across] the sky . . .”


Recent Pterosaur Sightings – Arkansas and Kentucky

. . . As I was driving over a small bridge . . . it flew up from under the bridge beside my truck . . . and out and over a field. I watched it from the side and the underneath. . . . had no feathers . . .

Pterosaur Sightings – Are They Extinct?

But consider two critical points that he ignores: the strongest eyewitness-testimony accounts and the philosophical foundations of the conflict . . . What critical points! He could have done better if he had looked carefully, rather than assume that eyewitnesses had looked carelessly.

Flying Creatures in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia

. . . a huge rhamphorhynchus-like flying entity blatantly grabbed my attention . . . [Eyewitness is a professor.]


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